Real-Time Court Reporting, Legal Videography, & More

Court reporting is the nerve center of today’s legal proceedings. Recording, maintaining and organizing court transactions has become an important procedure now, especially when trials take place over a long period.

With Coastal Reporting PC, our professionals can record complex and exhaustive legal proceedings. We are the answer for all your court reporting needs in Florida.

We have been offering our professional services since 1998.

Real-time Court Reporting

We are fast and accurate. By the end of the litigation or deposition, get readable transcriptions that can be sent or recorded for future reference. Our professionals record legal proceedings as they unfold in the court hall through digital recorders.


Legal videographers curate the non-verbal expressions of the witness. The video reference helps analyze intricate aspects of non-recorded emotions. Sometimes, such evidence can prove decisive beyond written words.

Copying & Scanning

Get instant photocopies or scanned documents delivered to you. It is easier to store scanned documents in electronic devices for quick access and reference.

Comfortable Conference Room

Get access to teleconferencing, video conferencing, and other electronic aids for dispositions.

Fast Transcript Turnaround

Our services are time-bound. We deliver transcripts in time and you can choose the mode of delivery from a variety of options we have. We deliver complete transcripts with all details.

Email Transcripts

If you want us to share the transcripts with your clients, we will do it for you! We ensure that raw digital transcript records are quickly converted into an easy-to-read email format, compatible on phones and computers.

Compressed Transcripts

Get easy-to-access transcripts in compressed formats for secure share options. Do not worry about the lengthy transcripts that take a lot of space on your hard disk. We can help you with transcripts that can easily be shared.


Get unedited transcripts of our court reporters, as soon as the court proceedings are completed for the day.